Laughter Workshop


Planning a trip or a visit to Jerusalem or a party in Jerusalem and you want to do something fun, different, unique and healthy? Something you and your guests will really remember?

Try a Laugter Workshop!

Avraham invites you for an hour (or more) of games and laughing drills. As a certified medical clown and holder of a Laughter Yoga Leader certificate as well as one in Fun Coaching, Avraham has been making and helping people laugh for many years.  We all know that laughing is the best medicine around and by laughing we can relieve stress, tensions and worries. Workshops can be arranged for groups of all sizes and for all ages and backgrounds.

So if you’re looking for an amazing laughing experience, contact Avraham.

FIJ Tips

This unique workshop is a really bit hit at a birthday party, family reunion and even a corporate Yom Kef.


All hours day and night


Contact Avraham for pricing


Whole Family


English / Hebrew

Venue: Laughing Workshop

Address: Jerusalem,Israel
Neighborhood: Available throughout Israel