Laughter Games Workshop with Debbie Hirsch


Planning a group event in Jerusalem?

Try Debbie Hirsch’s famous, one hour Laughter Games Workshop where your group become the stars!

Supercharge your group with confidence and spontaneity through fun, interactive improv games. Great for all ages and backgrounds (religious, secular, natives, tourists).

  • Schools
  • Bar/Bat Mitzvot
  • Teen/Young Adult Trips
  • Family Gatherings
  • Heritage Trips
  • Corporate events

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Feedback – Review Quotes
“The perfect way for a group to bond”
“Highly recommended!”
“Gets people to let go and laugh out loud while gaining valuable life skills”

About Debbie Hirsch
Debbie grew up in NY and studied at Yeshiva Central Queens and the School of the Performing Arts studying drama, music and dance. She ‘gave up’ a career and fame in Hollywood to come to Jerusalem, yet it was here that she was interviewed live on TV by Diane Sawyer in front of 40 million people! She has facilitated her Laughter Games Workshop for thousands of people.

Shabbat Speaking Engagements
Her unique journey “From Hollywood to the Holy Land” is sure to captivate your group. She’s an inspirational speaker that will blow your group away with her energy, positivity, enthusiasm and sense of humor.

Whether it’s a small family group looking for someone to speak to them at a meal or a large touring group looking for an inspirational speaker, Debbie is the one. She has spoken to hundreds of groups of 5 to 200 people each.

So if you’re looking for an amazing Jerusalem experience…

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FIJ Tips

This unique workshop is a really bit hit at a birthday party, family reunion and even a corporate Yom Kef.


All hours day and night


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Whole Family


English / Hebrew

Venue: Laughing Workshop

Address: Old City
Neighborhood: Available throughout Israel