Kapon Defense Counter Terror Workshop

Looking for a self-defense activity on your next trip to Israel? Kapon Defense has opened their Jerusalem branch in Talpiot.

Activities are run by professional self-defense experts and take place in a state of the art training facility in Talpiot. The activities are appropriate for men and women and even kids with parent supervision.

Learn to defend yourself!

Tactical Paintball

Discover close quarters combat as you train in a simulator. Learn the methods to clear a room and develop team strategy.

Weapons Training

Learn the basics of weapons use while you train with experts and compete in a sniper competition. All activities are done with training. Visitors never fire without an instructor.

Krav Maga

Learn hand to hand combat and learn to defend yourself against knife attacks, how to use pepper spray and body releases.

Self-Defense Yom Kef & Group Activities

Kapon Defense specializes in organizing programs which focus on army-like obstacle courses, physical and athletic competitions/workshops and much more.  It’s a great activity for tourists and local Yom Kefs who are looking for extreme experiences.

About Avi Kapon:

Avi Kapon is one of Israel’s leading counter-terror experts with years of experience as Chief Combat Instructor for the IDF Counter-Terror Academy, Airports Authority, Ministry of Defense-Border Crossing Authority & Israeli Prime Minister’s Jerusalem Security. Avi currently serves in the IDF reserves both as a commander & instructor for special forces units.

The Kapon Defense Academy is located an hour outside of Jerusalem in Beer Tuvia.

Kapon Defense Counter Terror Academy
Beer Tuvia

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