Hike & Bike The Judean Hills

Do you want to take a guided hike or bike tour in one of the most beautiful areas in Israel? The Judean Hills located just outside Jerusalem is sometimes compared in beauty to Switzerland and contains so much rich history.

Explore the area by track or trail and you will see caves, views, rolling expanses, fantastic nature spots, historical and archaeological sites, an abundance of flora, fauna, wildlife and birds.

You can add stops at the local artisan workshops, breweries, and wineries in the Adullam region.

Trailhead Family Bike or Hiking Tours

Trailhead (Nekudat Motsa) guides will create a custom ride for you and provide your family with all of the bikes and equipment. Special bikes are available to include babies and toddlers. Tours can include coffee breaks and rest stops at historical sites. The area is filled with rich history from the time of King David. Let us know if you prefer bikes, hiking or a combination of both.

King David Biking Tour

This is an amazing and unique half day activity for families. The guides from Trailhead will take you by bike through Emek HaElla which includes:

  • Ancient ruins that tell a riveting story spanning 2000 years of local history!
  • Crawling in hiding caves, from the time of the local rebel against the Romans.
  • Ancient agriculture meets the modern world – making wine, then and today.
  • Enjoying the tranquility and nature of the beautiful Judean hills, in the center of Israel

Jerusalem & Tel Aviv Bike Tours

Contact us to hear about the options for guided day and night tours in Tel Aviv and Jerusalem.

Bike Tours can be arranged on all levels from beginners to advanced. Self guided tours with a map and bike rental are also available. Just let us know about your group and we will plan the perfect escape.

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