Graffiti Tours & Graffiti Parties


Looking for the coolest new Family Art Tour in Israel? You will love a Graffiti Tour with Yael Aisenthal.

Dead Sea Graffiti Tours – 1.5 hrs

Did you know that the Dead Sea has some of the most interesting Graffiti in Israel?

Each piece of art tells a story. Find out why the walls of an old Jordanian Army Base were spray painted by artists from around the world? What inspired the local Kibbutz to create this outdoor art gallery? What messages are they trying to send the tourists about the survival of the Dead Sea?

Yael’s tours bring art to life through technology. Using games and interactive activities you will learn about the social messages behind each piece. Enjoy a graffiti desert workshop where you get to create your own graffiti.

Take a Graffiti Tour in the lowest place on earth!

Dead Sea Tours must be arranged in advance and have a minimum number of participants. The tour takes place less than an hour outside Jerusalem at the Kalia Beach area. Up to 30 people.

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Tel Aviv GraffitiTours

Yael’s Tel Aviv Graffiti Tours have become famous. See the city form a different perspective and you will even get a chance to add to the Graffiti yourselves.

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What is a Graffiti Party? A graffiti party custom made to suit your occasion. Create your own graffiti tag & stencil, learn about the history of graffiti, spray your designs on tee shirts and large canvases.

  • Graffiti bus party – Modiin
  • Graffiti scavenger hunt and spray – Tel Aviv
  • Graffiti party @ home
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Get to know Yael Aisenthal
Yael is a professional travel photographer who loves to share her love of graffiti. Born and raise in London, UK Yael moved to Israel at the age of 18 to study photography and graphic design.

She began running her Florentine tours in 2018. The tours combine all her passions in one: photography, art, travel, design.

Florentine was recently ranked the second hippest neighborhood in the world – but more than that it is one of the most beautiful and diverse areas in Tel Aviv. And the true beauty lies in the fact that despite the diversity of the people, everyone co-exists peacefully.

Yael loves when the tours evoke discussions on the street as the group interprets and analyzes the graffiti. The graffiti tour is ideal for igniting curiosity in children too. As a mother of four children, she has a keen and deep understanding of how to tap into children’s creativity – and the graffiti tour is not only educational and fascinating for children, it taps into their creative spirit and broadens their thinking and imagination.


By advanced reservation


Ages 5+


English / Hebrew


Kosher food is available near the Dead Sea tour

Venue: Graffiti Tour – Dead Sea

Address: Kalia Beach Israel
Neighborhood: Dead Sea - Kalia Beach
Parking: Free parking