Get to Know Yael from Artesana Glass & Her Love for Glass Art

March 31, 2019
By: Joanna Shebson

We sat down with Yael from Artesana Glass to hear about what got her excited about glass art and how she created her own business in Israel after making aliyah from South America.

Tell us about yourself

My name is Yael Szlaifsztein, I am married to Daniel and mother of six sweeties. I live in Mevo Horon which is in between Jerusalem and Tel Aviv near Modiin.

I immigrated to Israel 19 years ago from distant Uruguay. I decided to immigrate because I understood that in order to live as a Jew there is no place like the Land of Israel. I became religious at the age of 18, when I was in a training program in Israel, and since then I have fallen in love with this place and could not think of another option but to live here and build a family here. And 19 years later, in love with this place every time, I have no other country!

To live in Mevo Horon is for me a dream, a real paradise. Mevo Horon is a community, it’s a family, it’s kindness, it’s giving, and it’s mostly a lot of quiet and breathtaking pastoral scenery. There is no day when I do not thank God that he brought us here!

How did you get started in the world of art & glass?

I opened my studio 10 years ago. We returned from a three-year mission in Uruguay (my native country) where I was introduced to the technique of fusing. I was immediately fascinated by the beauty and remarkable things that could be prepared with this amazing and surprising material called glass!

I first studied in Uruguay. Where I took courses for two years. And when we returned to Israel, I continued to study here with private people. And since then, I have been learning and developing and developing new techniques, and most of all, I learn from my students.

How did you choose the name Artesana for your workshop?

The word Artesana comes from Spanish and it means ” the artist” “האמנית”
My first language is Spanish and I loved the play on words that it brings to mind…

  • Arte- art
  • Sana- healthy

I truly believe that art is powerful and can cure.

What is the most original piece you have made using glass?

The most original work I ever made was a set of owls, butterflies and birds that I had prepared to hang at the entrance to my house. Everyone is excited when they come to my house and see these little colored creatures hanging on the wall. It’s inviting to go inside!

What message would you like to tell our readers?

Come visit and see how beautiful this place is! I am waiting for you in the workshop! Glass fusing and art is for everyone at all levels.

Anyone can, come discover the magical world of glass and enjoy a fun and fun workshop and create beautiful things from glass!


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