Who was Zeus Anyway? Virtual Museum Tour with Nachliel Selavan

Why do you want to smash those idols? And who REALLY believes in Zeus? Why did we invent mythologies all over the world?

Join Nachliel on a virtual journey of paleontology, psychology, archaeology, history & philosophy. A journey to the distant and not-so-distant past, and back to the present.

This virtual tour examines the roots and roles of ritual and mythologies, how they contribute to the development of societies around beliefs, starting with the early roots of humanity when we just began to group together and speak, make cave paintings and (probably?) rituals. We will then visit the Ancient Near Easten mythologies, Egyptian and Greek mythologies, and finally the relationship to Judaism and the difficult role its Monotheism has played throughout history.

Your Guide Nachliel Selavan

Nachliel Selavan MA. Ed., offers special Jewish History and Tanach tours in museums in Israel and around the world, both in person, and in zoom. He has a unique and engaging approach which brings museums and Jewish history to life, connecting Torah, history, art, geography, archaeology and all in a fun and exciting way.

Nachliel knows his stuff…he creates a unique blend of the ancient and the modern, as he tickles your imagination at the Museum.

Prefer a private tour? Contact Nachliel to arrange a tour of your choice.

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