Warriors of the Walls – Yom Yerushalayim Walking Tours

Stories of warriors on the walls of Jerusalem – Celebrating 55 years since the re-unification of Jerusalem!

A tribute tour to the fighters of the Jerusalem Brigade, from the liberators of Jerusalem.

For 19 years the Legion soldiers had been patrolling the wall and looking towards the new city.

  • Understand the process of the re-unification of Jerusalem
  • Tour the border and the seamline, where ancient and new connect
  • Hear personal stories and connect to those moments that were short but eternal

For some of the tours, veteran warriors, who played a pivotal role in the reunification of Jerusalem, will join guides from Ammunition Hill – The Center for Studying the Six Day War & the Liberation of Jerusalem to share their personal stories and insights into one of Israel’s greatest victories.

Western Wall - Kotel

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