Train Theater Purim Festival

The Train Theater is excited to celebrate Purim with some in person events – performed in wide open spaces and with a few online options as well.

Meet artists and designers, enjoy intriguing art workshops on YouTube and Zoom, watch online theater performances for children and take theatrical tours in the Yemin Moshe neighborhood and the Bell Garden in Jerusalem.

Events include…

A Costume Party for Hands – Zoom workshop

  • February 24 at 4pm
  • February 26 at 12pm
  • February 28 at 12:30pm


Toto & Friends – February 26 at 11am

  • An online show and art workshop

Once Upon a Time – February 28 at 11am

  • An online show and art workshop

Where is Mrs Gabbai? – February 26 at 10am & 12pm

  • This quaint neighborhood is the setting for a show with clues that takes place in the alleys of Yemin Moshe. Games from the past, songs of yesteryear, melodies that still rise from synagogues. The plot of the play follows in the footsteps of Mrs. Gabbai.

The Journey to the Bell Kingdom – February 28 at 10am & 12pm

  • Theatrical tour combining visual aids, sound recordings and field play accompanied by guides in the Bell Garden, Jerusalem. Sunday Feb 28 10:00am and 12:00pm. Ages 6-10. 90 minutes.
Liberty Bell Park
Keren HaYesod St, Jerusalem
Corner of King David St & Jabotinsky St