Running Tour of Jerusalem!

The Tower of David has teamed up with RunJLM and invites you to pound your way through thousands of years of history!

Designed especially for running and fitness enthusiasts who want to get to know the city while on-the-go, this new, high energy, Jerusalem initiative combines speed with sight-seeing.  The licensed tour guides are also certified running and fitness coaches.  So you are in good hands (and feet)!

Instead of walking between the points of interest in the city – run! Instead of sitting down to hear long explanations – stop for a short and focused tutorial … and then keep running!

Tread through thousands of years of history of the city and experience its faiths, multiculturalism, complexity and inspiration. Run through the heart of Jerusalem’s magical vistas and take in some of the most spectacular sites in and around the Old City.

This is a great activity for teenagers and parents alike!

Your Route

First Station, Guy Ben Hinnom, Mount Zion, Ruin / Cardo Square, Roof Observatory, Tomb Church Front, New Gate, Safra Square, Jaffa Gate / Tower of David, Yemin Moshe Windmill, Bible Hill, Schroever Promenade, Back to First Station.

First Station
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