Quarantine Quest – Yom Yerushalayim

Announcing an exciting scavenger hunt from Israel ScaVentures that you can do from home – all over the world!

The Quarantine Quest will reconnect you to other people in your neighborhood, city, country and all around the world! All this and more on the awesome Quarantine Quest 2020- a team based virtual scaventure that you can play from home or from anywhere!

How does the Quarantine Quest 2020 work?

You assemble your group (you can be physically together or separate), you divide your group into teams and each team competes against the other to complete missions within a set time.

Missions are connected to Jerusalem they are completed in stages and as you gather enough points in each stage the next stage is opened. Your team will work together to complete the missions and create videos or photos that prove that you have done that.

There is a mix of mission types that include anything from researching a random topic, to putting together an online game to challenging someone to a lip sync competition. All games have an element of “doing good” in the world as part of the game.

The game is played on The Israel Scaventures platform and their staff run the game and give you any technical support that you need.

What do you need?

Each team will need a computer and at least one phone per location of team mate for taking pictures/filming clips.

The game is 2 hours. Register and book your slot in advance. Please note that this does not include a prize for the winning team, we leave that to you.

Who can play the Quarantine Quest 2020?

The Quarantine Quest is for families, kids and adults from ALL OVER THE WORLD who will form teams. Whether you are homebound or whether you are not, you will be able to use your team and your team’s network to complete the missions and win the quest. Your team will be bold, daring, creative, and your team members need to have time on their hands and have a desire to counter the disconnect that the Corona is causing.

When can you play the Quarantine Quest 2020

Yom Yerushalayim – be an ambassador and sign up your community, synagogue or youth group to play this fun game. Israel ScaVentures takes care of the rest. The more teams you have …the more fun you will have.

This game can be run in English, Hebrew, French and Spanish.

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