Pesach Tours in Adumim

Shelley from Tour Adumim will take your family on an exciting tour including unique activities and family workshops

Choose from the following activities:

  • Sit-down with local Beduin on hilltop overlooking Judean Desert
  • Spectacular Judean Desert Lookout with explanation and game
  • Tour of Good Samaritan Mosaics Museum, mosaic making for children
  • Visit to Mitzpe Yericho Lookout, Stained glass art studio of Gila Koppel
  • Participate in a Mezuzah Making Workshop
  • ATV or jeeping in the Judean Desert
  • “Get to Know an Israeli Artist” at the Moshe Castel Museum of Art with scavenger hunt and writing in ancient Hebrew.
  • Camel riding in Judean Desert
  • Participate in fun family workshops: “Desert Survival Skills”: or “Shepherding Skills 101”
  • Hear an amazing Ethiopian ALiyah story
  • Explore and eat lunch at the new luxurious DCity

Fun for the whole family!

Tour Adumim - Pesach Tours

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