Far Over The Sea

The Train Theater presents “Far Over The Sea”. A story about reviving the infamous poems of Chain Nachman Bialik.

On Bialik Street in Tel Aviv an old suitcase is found; in it a little hut, in the little hut a cellar, in the cellar an old book: Bialik’s poems for children. In the book is hidden a little bird that arrived from far over the sea. Apparently the poems have disappeared from the book. How will she collect them again?

Shahar, a devoted collector of old objects that he finds in the streets of Tel Aviv is all there to help her. They set out together to find the lost poems. From morning till night they roam around the city. The little bird discovers titles and words on bulletin boards and street signs, and Shahar finds and invents characters from the objects that he finds along the way. Together, they revive the poems and become good friends. Does every child in the audience have a bird to join him or her on a private journey?

Due to the Health Ministry guidelines for “staying at home” during the Corona Virus outbreak many of the events on our calendar have been cancelled. We have decided not to delete them from the calendar so that they will be there when the situation improves. Please call ahead to see if this event is happening.

Train Theater
Located in Liberty Bell Park
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