Pesach Exotic Animal Experience in the Gush

Pesach is a great time to enjoy the Exotic Animal Experience in Gush Etzion at the Sde Bar Farm.

A pastoral experience with a special collection of exotic animals from around the world.

**Ask about the camel rides or night scorpion hikes.**

What will you see at the farm?

  • Animals: Birds, parrots, peacocks, chinchila, and more
  • Exhibits: Aquarium exhibit & terrariums in decorative cages.
  • Special collection of reptiles: Iguanas, large turtles, anaconda snakes, tarantulas and more
  • Petting Area for Children: Goats, rabbits, and more

Plenty of shaded seating areas near the turtle & fish pond.

Open Hours: No reservations required
Pesach is the time to experience the wonders of G-d’s creations

Exotic Animal Farm
Sde Bar – at the bottom of Herodion in Gush Etzion (10 min from Har Homa)

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