“Seeing the Invisible” on Sukkot – Augmented Reality at the Botanical Gardens

This Sukkot, the Botanical Gardens unveils “Seeing the Invisible” the first-of-its-kind and largest exhibition of contemporary art works, created using augmented reality technology. Thirteen different Israeli and international artists have joined forces to form this unique exhibition, which will open simultaneously in 12 botanical gardens around the world.

The works will be viewed via a dedicated App which visitors download to their cell or ipad, while wondering through the beautiful botanical gardens. Most of the works are large, and relate to nature, the environment and sustainability.

The exhibit, which runs through to August 2022, fuses together of the physical and digital worlds.  It is an initiative of the Jerusalem Botanical Garden and the Outest Fund, with the support of the Jerusalem Foundation.

Sukkot Art Workshops

  • Make flowerpots from recycled paper
  • Sow wildflowers from the garden’s seed collection to take home
  • Draw on special slides and add layers to different corners of the garden.


Botanical Gardens in Jerusalem- Fun in Jerusalem
Jerusalem Botanical Gardens
Zalman Shneur 5, Jerusalem