From Bean To Bar – Yaara Cacoa

The most delicious chocolate boutique workshops in Jerusalem. Come and learn their incredible craft, where tastings are part of the process.

Have you always wondered how a tiny cocoa bean transforms into our favorite candy bar?

You’re invited to discover the wonderful processes behind chocolate, from the raw cocoa stage to the dreamy chocolate stage!

Join Yaara Cacoa for the only demonstration workshop of its kind in Israel.

  • Uncover the secret of professional chocolate-making
  • Experience the true taste of cocoa butter
  • Learn how many hours the mixture needs to combine
  • And how much sugar there really is in dark chocolate…..

At the end of the workshop everyone will receive the ultimate chocolate-lovers gift – 10 mini-chocolate bars in different flavors!

For a sweet and unforgettable experience, come and discover the chocolate world of Yaara Cacao.

Yaara Cacao
2 Poalei Tzedek, Talpiot

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