David’s Harp – Nevel David PARTY VENUE


The HARP OF DAVID also known as Nevel David on Mt. Zion is a unique and enchanting location to host a special event. Located in an authentic Jerusalem stone building with rooftop views of Temple Mount – the ambiance is set.

Host your event in the ROYAL HALL which is more than 400 years old, on the ROOFTOP terraces with breathtaking views, in the GARDEN under the fig tree or in the underground Artist House with Archaeological Digs. With the Jerusalem stone as the backdrop your florist or party planner gets to dress the room.

The space is owned and run by artist Arik Pelzig & decorated with his beautiful artwork.

Menu Options

In house catering, dairy, pareve or meaty is available. Kashrut for the catering is Rabbanut Yerushalayim and can be upgraded to Mehadrin with the addition of a special Mashgiach.

Ask about the BIBLICAL meal, a rich & colorful tasty experience served in pottery by waitstaff dressed in costumes from the Biblical times of King David.


Costs include rental of the space depending on which space and day of the week. Catering can be added to the proposal or you can bring in your own outside caterer.


The space can be rented on Shabbat for 50+ people and weekdays.


David’ Harp is located just off the Mt Zion parking lot outside the Old City.
During the week the space is used as an art museum and offers interactive workshops.

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English / Hebrew

Venue: Nevel David

Address: Mt. Zion
Jerusalem, Israel
Neighborhood: Old City
Parking: Paid parking lot