Factory Tours

    Techelet Factory Tour

    Age: Whole family Language: English, Hebrew
    Learn about the process of finding the techelet and creating the beautiful blue color we know as techelet today. Activity also includes learning to make tzizit.

    Tnuva Factory Tour

    Age: 5+ yrd old Language: Hebrew
    A multi-sensory journey following the manufacturing process of dairy products in Israel, See the "Flight" integrated spaceship adventure movie which shows you the production processes of dairy products of Tnuva. At the end of the tour there will be a tasting.

    Yad Mordechai Honey Tour

    Age: 3 yrs old + Language: Hebrew
    Glimpse into the inside of the honeycomb and learn how to make it into edible honey. A guide will explain the work, the process of preparation, and you can enjoy a video about honey and taste different kinds of honey.