Spinning & Pilates for Girls & Women


Tamar’s spinning classes are inspired with choreography that coordinates with varied genres of music. She keeps riders interested with intervals of climbs, sprints and upper body conditioning, all integrated into her creatively curated playlists.

Pilates for Girls/Women

Tamar offers tailor-made high performance, low-impact workouts that builds strength and endurance. Tamar can create personalized sessions on the pilates equipment to strengthen while simultaneously improving posture and balance. Tamar will customize a routine depending on your personal goals – whether you are seeking to improve your physical wellbeing, cross train for competitive events, elevate your physical therapy routine, or reverse the damage of sitting at a desk all day.

About the instructor

In the summer of 2011, when Tamar moved to Jerusalem, she was seeking an exercise routine similar to what she had experienced in New York. She searched for a fun filled intense cardio spinning experience which would provide an outlet for stress release, recharge her batteries and encourage introspection through uplifting music. Unable to replicate her US experience, Tamar completed her certification and found her calling converting Jerusalem residents into spinning aficionados.

Spinning encourages confidence and self esteem.

“Recent studies indicate that teens at this age are more vulnerable to stress, but they can develop life long coping mechanisms through meditation, exercise or listening to music (Developmental Science Review 2016). Spinning has elements of all 3!”

Tamar BenovitzTamar Benovitz SpinningTamar Benovitz Spinning
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