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Order a Creative Art Kits – Do Crafts at Home

The kit will include materials for over 10 hours worth of crafts that your children can enjoy at home. The kits include all of the materials ready made for pick up or delivery, instruction sheet and access to instructional videos and templates online.

Avigayle always finds ways to bring out the creativity of your child. She has made it super easy for parents to give their kids a fun activity.

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At The Open Studio, children & adults navigate through a hub of inspiration, color,ideas, science and technology. Tinkering, playing and making new friends is what we are all about…There are only two rules…everyone has to be safe and no one can ask, “Is this good?” or “Am I done?” Other than that, anything goes…

Children are trusted, treated like adults and given the inspiration to express themselves through their artwork and creations.


We also offer more structured courses, such as learning the ABCs through Baking & Art, Painting & Drawing, Comics, Mosaics, Papercutting & More…

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Open Studio
Greek Colony, Jerusalem

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