Child Safety Classes in English at El HaLev

Secure in Ourselves is a 4-part child safety course, created to help children develop their ability to navigate the world with confidence, dignity, and a sense of security.  It was designed by professionals at El HaLev with the goal of preventing sexual, emotional, and physical violence.

Now, for the first time, it is being offered in English and has been adapted to meet the unique needs of children adjusting to life in a new country, and emphasizes the development of confidence and resilience, and the ability to manage conflicts.


The course empowers children by providing them with the most basic and important tools to maintain their safety and develop a basic understanding of the principles of empowerment self-defense. These tools allow them to grow up with a sense of security, along with confidence in their right to protect their bodies and souls.

The age-appropriate content of the course, which has evolved through the years, has been carefully adapted to meet the mental, emotional, and physical abilities of young children. Instructors are trained to be sensitive to the developmental stages of their students, and teach skills through play and ongoing, meaningful conversations.

In order to make sure that every child is reached and given the opportunity to participate, sessions are held in small groups that allow them to fully experience the activities, practice their skills, speak and be heard, and receive professional attention.

Curriculum and Content

Children will:

  • Learn to distinguish between strangers and acquaintances, and how to conduct themselves with each.
  • Work with their parents and guardians to make a list of trusted adults they can turn to.
  • Acquire the vocabulary and ability to talk about confusing, uncomfortable, or threatening situations with trusted adults, as comfortably and clearly as possible.
  • Develop, identify, and set healthy boundaries, both verbally and physically, and recognize levels of risk.
  • Practice simple, effective and age-appropriate self-defense and personal safety skills.
  • Learn to handle and respond to bullying.
  • Strengthen their self-esteem, self-image, and self-confidence.

The Instructor

With over twenty years of teaching and teacher training experience, Melissa Despina Fragiadaki eagerly enrolled in El HaLev’s instructor course in January 2020. She now holds certification from El HaLev, and an additional certification from ESD Globalwith a specialization in teaching children.

She loves nothing more than watching kids connect with their inner strength and develop self-confidence.

Melissa holds a multiple subject teaching credential from California and a master’s degree in instructional technology and media from Columbia Teachers College.

Melissa is currently drawing on her experience as an elementary school classroom teacher to adapt El HaLev’s curriculum for child safety classes to meet the needs of English speaking children in Israel.

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