Camps in Jerusalem

What makes All Star Camp so successful?- BITE SIZE

May 23, 2018
By: Joanna Shebson

To understand what makes All Star such a successful “American style” camp in Jerusalem we sat down with Dov Rabinowitz, the founder of All Star Sports Camp. Recorded for BITE SIZE with Yoni Pollak. Listen to the Interview –  Here are some of the “Interview Highlights” All Star Israel is an English speaking camp and has...

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Big Idea Technology Camp – BITE SIZE

February 15, 2018
By: Joanna Shebson

How does the Start Up Nation instill the love of technology in its children? By making technology fun and integrating it into summer programs – video making, coding, photography, animation and so much more.  The summer is not that far away. Hear Dotan Tamir talk about his amazing technology camp in our interview on BITE SIZE...

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Who Is Going To Win The Israel Lanyard Contest?

June 17, 2016
By: Joanna Shebson

When I was a kid, spending my summer in Camp Morasha in the Poconos, one of my favorite activities was Arts & Crafts. Lanyards were by far the most popular art project and we often brought the lanyard string back to our bunks to create friendship bracelets, keychains and gifts for family back home. That...

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Summer Volunteering 4 Kids, Teens & Young Adults

May 20, 2016
By: Joanna Shebson

As kids get a little older and enter their teenage years, the summer experience changes. Many of them don’t want to be a camper anymore, but they are too young to work or to be counselors. This is a great time to encourage them to look for volunteering camps or activities to fill their summer...

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BIG IDEA Coming to the US

March 27, 2016
By: Joanna Shebson

The success of the Israeli “cyber” and technology camps has spread to the US. This summer BIG IDEA will be sharing the “Start Up Nation” mentality with the Tenafly JCC. This year for the first time BIG IDEA will be hosting a technology camp at the JCC Tenafly for kids from Kindergarten-9th grade. The idea...

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Empowering Girls Through Summer Camp in Jerusalem

June 10, 2015
By: Joanna Shebson

If I could tell you that I know of a camp where your young teenage girls could go and learn to be independent, self confident and have fun…would you want to know more? This is one of the parts of my job that I love the most – being able to share incredible opportunities for...

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Hanukka Kaytana in Jerusalem

December 10, 2014
By: Joanna Shebson

In Israel, just because the kids are off of school doesn’t mean that all the parents are off of work. Here are some great camp options for Hanukka. Travel around the city and use different forms of art to express yourself or learn basketball skills from a professional or learn about science and Hannka. Ask...

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Fun In Jerusalem Vlog: Videos of Summer Camps in Israel

July 21, 2014
By: Joanna Shebson

Are you trying to imagine what it would be like to send your kids to camp in Israel? Have you read articles about camps in Jerusalem, seen pictures and received advice from friends but you still can’t imagine what it’s like? Check out our latest video blog to get a feel for what is offered...

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Tech Camps in the Start Up Nation

June 11, 2014
By: Joanna Shebson

Last week, I went to the Mini Maker Fair at the Bloomfield Science Museum in Jerusalem, with my 2 boys (10 yrs old, 7 yrs old). In a great interactive environment, my boys met local “makers” (a new age word for inventors) who had created robots, 3D products in 3D printers, games and more using...

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5 Ways To Choose A Summer Camp in Jerusalem?

May 25, 2014
By: Joanna Shebson

Summer is almost here and its time to find the right camp for your child. Our summer FUN Camps Guide makes planning your summer easier. Each of the camps is listed with its’ pricing, session dates, description and photos. Look out for the videos because they really give you a feel for the camp excitement....

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