Ein Yael Camp

At the Ein Yael Camp, children learn about nature and their surroundings. Campers will plant herbs, and create musical instruments from natural materials. Camp activities include learning ancient crafts, baking pita on a bonfire, drum circles, building mud houses and learning to make pottery. Children will harvest grapes and learn to use the wine press (in August only).

Children will have access to the petting zoo and learn to make cheese. They will also learn to weave wool into fabric and learn the skills required for archery. All of these activities take place in the outdoor living museum setting under the shade of the beautiful trees.

FIJ Important Notice – Summer Camps in Jerusalem have begun registration and are hoping that within the next few weeks the government will officially issue permission for camps to open just as they did for schools. It is the responsibility of each parent to check the camp is working within the official guidelines, as issued by the Israeli Ministry of Health, before the first day of camp.

Summer Camp at Ein Yael

Artisan workshops, Drawing in Nature, Archery, Drum Circle, Yoga

All activities will take place in small groups under the supervision of an experienced staff.



Ein Yael, Jerusalem

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