Biblical Zoo & Israel Aquarium Camp

One of the most popular camps in Jerusalem.

The Biblical Zoo and Israel Aquarium summer camps offer acquaintance with the world of animals in an experiential and fascinating way, which your children will take with them for the future.

Biblical Zoo Camp

At the zoo summer camp, we will learn about the importance of zoos in Israel and throughout the world, working for conservation and breeding of animals in danger of extinction, and we will emphasize the importance of preserving the world of nature and animals. We will facilitate unique encounters with animals at the various exhibits. We will visit behind-the-scenes with some of the animals, as well as at the veterinary clinic and the operational area.

The Aquarium Camp

The aquarium summer camp will take children on a fascinating and experiential journey among the various aquatic habitats in Israel, including the Mediterranean Sea, the Red Sea, the Sea of Galilee, and the Dead Sea. Children will meet a variety of sea creatures from the habitats of the shallow shores to the depths of the Mediterranean Sea, and they will learn about the fish and the unique colorful corals of the Red Sea. On each day of the camp program, we will focus on a different central topic with the common denominator between them being nature conservation on sea and on land. The summer camps provide a social and education experience which combines games and enjoyable activities with learning and connection to the world of nature and animals. The camp counselors are part of the zoo and aquarium’s permanent guiding staff and are accompanied by assistant counselors.

Jerusalem Biblical Zoo
Derech Aharon Shulov 1, Jerusalem

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