Biblical Zoo Camp

The zoo camp facilitates meeting and getting to know the animal world in an experiential and engaging way.

At the camp, we aim to excite, interest and propel you into the animal world and leave you with experiences that will be with you forever …

As part of the camp activity, we will go backstage and meet the lions and tigers, feed the elephants from the Hand to the Trunk, visit the garden clinic and even learn how to do an ultrasound test for monkeys. Learn how to handle animals and learn through experience through games, tasks, a variety of study aids and art work related to the subjects studied. Some of the activity will be done in air-conditioned study rooms.

The camp will have unique sightings and encounters with the animals in the various displays, with direct contact with the animals. Recognize the importance of zoos working for the conservation of endangered animals and highlight the importance of preserving the natural and animal world.

  • The theme of nature conservation will be rooted in the entire camp activity.
  • The camp provides an educational and social experience.
  • The staff are trained adult instructors from the zoo’s permanent training team.

FIJ Important Notice – Summer Camps in Jerusalem have begun registration and are hoping that within the next few weeks the government will officially issue permission for camps to open just as they did for schools. It is the responsibility of each parent to check the camp is working within the official guidelines, as issued by the Israeli Ministry of Health, before the first day of camp.

Jerusalem Biblical Zoo
Derech Aharon Shulov 1, Jerusalem

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