Aquarium Summer Camp

The aquarium camp will lead your child on a fascinating and experiential journey between the various marine habitats in Israel, the Mediterranean, the Red Sea, the Sea of ​​Galilee and the Dead Sea.

The children will meet a variety of marine creatures from the habitats on the shallow shore to the depths of the Mediterranean and get to know the unique colorful fish and corals of the Red Sea.

Each day of the camp, we will focus on another central theme – nature conservation both at sea and on land.

The camp provides an educational and social experience that combines games and fun activities while learning and connecting to the world of nature and animals.

Guides and camp instructors are from the regular training staff of the Israel Zoo and Aquarium and are accompanied by an assistant guide.

Israel Aquarium
Derech Aharon Shulov, Jerusalem

Aquarium Camp - Reservations

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