Camp Ramah


Camp Ramah offers an exciting day camp option for locals and for tourists at the Israel Goldstein Youth Village.

Ramah Jerusalem Day Camp is an outstanding Israel summer experience combining English and Hebrew speaking children entering grades K-6 that takes place at the Israel Goldstein Youth Village.  Activities include zumba, sports, art, theater, nature and swimming (3 times a week), Kabbalat Shabbat and field trips.

With the hills of Jerusalem as our backdrop, campers participate in the full range of camp activities including sports, fine arts, swimming, nature, music, and performing arts. Judaism and Hebrew language are seamlessly woven into daily activities in a warm and nurturing environment filled with ruach, excitement, and love. Campers at Ramah Jerusalem Camps learn new skills, make new friends, and create lasting memories. The unique kehilla we build here will stretch far beyond the summer.

Trips:  Through regular outings in and around Jerusalem, our campers enjoy an array of exciting experiences designed to introduce them to the beauty and wonders of Israel.

Safety & Well Being: Your child’s well-being is our highest concern. We make sure that each camper is content, happy, and secure within our private, gated campus, the Goldstein Youth Village in the picturesque San Simon neighborhood, just a short stroll from the German Colony.

Come and be a part of the ultimate Jewish summer camps in Jerusalem: Ramah Jerusalem Camps!


NEW for 5th & 6th Graders – Ramah Overnight Program – Sayeret
Due to popular demand for special programming designed for those entering grades 5 and 6, this year, we have decided to open “Ramah Overnight” – a unique program within the Day Camp framework specifically suited to these age groups who are often less interested in a regular Day Camp.

These kids will take part in the general camp activities (special classes, swimming etc’) and will also take part in activities outside the camp compound – eg: a scavenger hunt at Shuk Machane Yehuda, an ODT activity at Emek Hamatzleva, volunteering activities etc’.

During the second and third weeks of camp, they will stay overnight on both Thursdays at the Youth Village. This will include – activities with the madrichim, supper, swimming, a campfire and more. The kids will be sleeping in sleeping bags on matresses. Boys and girls will be in separate buildings each with bathrooms and water. A responsible, adult staff will stay with the kids throughout all the activity hours and overnight. There will be no activities the following day.

Ramah Jerusalem Camps is a division of the National Ramah Commission, Inc. under the educational and religious supervision of The Jewish Theological Seminary.

Ramah Israel day camp is part of the Ramah programs in North America, and is a pluralistic environment: we have secular and religious, Fluent Hebrew speakers, and non-Hebrew speakers, enjoying together, in the same groups. As an Israeli based program, the program is run in Hebrew, But the kids get to learn from co-existence, hearing English and Hebrew as well.

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Ramah Jerusalem Day Camp: English / Hebrew


Day Camp Hours
Sunday – Thursday: 8:00am – 3:00pm
Early drop off 7:45am



July 1st-18th – 2080 NIS (3 weeks)
July 21 – Aug 8 – 2080 NIS (3 weeks)
July 1st-August 8 – 3960 NIS (6 weeks)

Sayeret Ramah – additional 350 NIS per session
Kaytanon – August 1 & 4-8 – 840 NIS

Early registration fee 1985 NIS per 3 week session – sign up by May 10th, 2019

Ask about weekly rates.

Cancellation Policy:

  • Up to a month in advance, full refund excluding the 250 shekel registration fee.

  • Less than a month in advance, 50% refund.

  • Once day camp has begun, no refunds



Ramah Jerusalem Day Camp: Entering grades K-6


English / Hebrew


Session 1: July 1- July 18
Session 2: July 21 - August 8
Weekly registration is possible
Option to sign up from Aug 1-9


Ramah Jerusalem Day Camp provides a daily, parve mid-morning snack. Parents may choose to supplement with an additional light snack. Ramah will provide a hot, meat lunch daily (except on Fridays). Vegetarian food may be requested in advance. During the Nine Days, parents may also request vegetarian food.

Occasionally, counselors plan food-related activities for their group activities. In these cases, the food is dairy or parve. Food-related activities following lunch will be parve.

Venue: Havat Hanoar – Ramah

Address: Shai Agnon
Jerusalem, 91000 Israel
Neighborhood: San Simon/ Katamon
Transportation: 22 , 15
Parking: Paid Street Parking

May I register without paying? Can I pay when I arrive?

A minimum of 50% of your full tuition must be paid upon registration. Payment can be made during the online registration process. The balance may be paid upon arrival.

What exchange rate should I use to pay for camp?

We use a variable rate, based on the day that you send your payment. Please use, as it is a reliable and updated exchange rate site.

How old must my child be to attend camp?

The youngest group of campers is entering kindergarten in the fall (Gan Hova in Israel). We follow the Israeli school system cutoff, which is based on the child’s Hebrew birthday. In Israel, children must turn five by 1 Tevet to enter kindergarten. If your child turns five by December 1, you have no need to worry! If not, please contact us to determine whether he/she meets the cutoff.

Does my child need spending money at camp?

No money is needed at camp. On field trip days, campers may bring some spending money.

Does the camp provide transportation?

Transportation to camp is not provided. The 15 &  22 bus lines – come to the campus, and it is a short cab ride or easy walk from Rehavia, Talbieh, the German Colony, Baka, and Old Katamon.

What is the camp schedule like?

Five days a week, campers are at the Goldstein youth village, where they participate in sports and fitness, fine arts, swimming, performing arts, and music, all led by specialists and counselors. Once per session , campers enjoy an outing in or just outside the Jerusalem area.  Campers depart after tefilah and return to camp in time for lunch.

What kinds of organized sports are there?

Our talented specialists and counselors run sports activities which include relay races, flag football, obstacle courses, soccer, basketball, tennis, capture the flag, and other games. Our physical fitness and exercise program incorporates various forms of exercise into fun and interactive sports games.

What kind of security arrangements are there on trips?

Security is always Ramah’s top priority. The Goldstein Youth Village is completely enclosed by a security fence, with guards at any open gate. On all trips, we adhere to the strict security policies established by Israel’s Ministry of Education, governing field trips for public school children. All trips are cleared in advance with the appropriate authorities. All travel is by chartered bus and a guard who is also a trained medic accompanies the group when deemed necessary by the Ministry of Education.

What happens during swimming?

Campers have one hour of free swim at least three times a week. Swimming instruction is offered to beginners  who are attending camp for at least two weeks. The Goldstein campus has two pools: a half-Olympic-sized pool and a shallower children’s pool. The pools are indoors, with a sliding glass wall and roof that opens up. The pools are staffed by certified lifeguards. In addition, counselors swim in the pool with their campers, providing extra supervision. A swim evaluation is held for all new campers on Sundays.

Will my child learn Hebrew at camp?

At the Ramah Jerusalem Day Camp, both English & Hebrew are spoken. Hebrew is seamlessly woven into activities, programs, and songs. Hebrew vocabulary and phrases are used throughout the day and dialogue with Hebrew speakers is encouraged. Our objective is to increase familiarity and comfort with Hebrew language in a natural and organic way.

What can we do while our kids are at camp?

There are several Jewish learning programs around the city that are open to tourists. You might check out those offered by the Conservative Yeshiva, the Pardes Institute of Jewish Studies, or the Hartman Institute.

Is food provided by the camp kosher?

Yes. Food at camp is kosher, under the Supervision of the Jerusalem Rabbinate.

Ramah Jerusalem Camp provides a daily, parve mid-morning snack. Parents may choose to supplement with an additional light snack. Ramah will provide a hot, meat lunch daily (except on Fridays). Vegetarian food may be requested in advance. During the Nine Days, parents may also request vegetarian food.

Occasionally, counselors plan food-related activities for their group time, and in those cases the food is dairy or pareve. Food-related activities following lunch will be pareve.

My child has a severe food allergy. What should I do?

Please communicate with us regarding any food allergies your child may have. We can work with you to create an meal plan for your child.

What about water?

We ensure that campers and staff members drink plenty of water throughout the camp day. We recommend that older campers bring a water bottle to camp that can hold at least 750ml of water, while younger campers bring a 500ml bottle. Campers can refill these bottles throughout the day. The tap water in Jerusalem is safe to drink and tastes just fine. If your child will not drink the tap water in Israel, please send enough bottled water for the entire day, labeled with your child’s name.

What is the staff to camper ratio, and who are the staff?

In the English speaking groups, we organize the kids in small groups (ratio of 1:8) with certified counselors responsible for each group. In addition, an educated and experienced adult coordinator is responsible for each age group.

Senior staff members are post-army or college students; junior staff members are most often Israeli high school students who are entering 11th or 12th grade. Most staff members are Israeli residents who are fluent in English and conversant in Hebrew and have had prior experience working with children, usually in the context of camp and/or youth movements. All counselors complete an intensive training seminar prior to the beginning of the camp season and participate fully in all camp activities throughout the summer. Specialists have had experience working and teaching in their particular fields.

How do I apply to work in the Ramah Jerusalem Day Camp?

Our counselors and specialists are Israelis or foreigners who have spent the entire previous academic year studying in Israel. Ramah does not provide housing or a travel stipend for foreign applicants. Following the pattern of most Israeli day camps, applications will be processed starting approximately in March/April. If you are interested in pursuing employment with the day camp, please follow the link to Join our Staff.

Who attends the Ramah Jerusalem Day Camp?

The day camp is designed for English-speaking children mixed with Hebrew speaking children entering kindergarten through sixth grade. The minimum age is five years old. Approximately 20-25% of our campers are the children of English-speaking Israelis, while the remainder come from the United States, Canada, and other English-speaking countries..

Can my younger child come to camp? He or she is very mature.

We’re sorry, but we cannot accommodate the needs of preschool-age campers. Many local preschools offer day camps for younger children, and we are happy to provide referrals. One preschool that many of our families have selected is Gan Discovery, located in Baka. This gan accepts 3 and 4 year olds for the summer.