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What Makes Ein Yael Interactive?

February 23, 2010

Ein Yael: Archery, street theater, ancient craft workshops and more. Take your children back in time to the land first settled by the Canaanites in the 12th century BC. Let your children learn ancient art and craft techniques in Israel and Jerusalem. Workshops range from pottery, weaving and basketry to papermaking, fresco, wine making and...

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Activities at the Bank of Israel Visitor Center

February 7, 2010

The Bank of Israel has a wonderful Visitors Center with exhibits and activities for adults and children ages 8+. There is a large exhibit hall which contains the history of Israeli Currency including samples and ancient coins. In the main exhibit hall there are 4 video games and there is a movie upstairs in the...

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Educational Resources for Kids

February 1, 2010

Pirkei Avot with Yoni and Noni & Rav Beny There is a new show in town …and its online. Your children can learn about Jewish ethics and special moral lessons while watching  cartoon clips on Ynet. This is not just your everyday cartoon. Pirkei Bubot is a wonderful new Hebrew puppet show staring Yoni, Noni and...

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Balloons in Jerusalem

January 31, 2010

Last week Kibbutz Ramat Rachel hosted the annual Balloonland Convention for Balloon artists from around the world. The event is put on each year by Elisa from Balloon artists from around the country come to Jerusalem to enjoy workshops and classes. Some of the guests included Medical Clowns, who use their talents to entertain...

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My Fun Philosophy

January 6, 2010

My goal is to “help locals feel like tourists and tourists feel like locals” and of course to share some fun in the process. Planning a fun day or a fun trip can be overwhelming when you need to entertain kids of all ages. Keep these key points in mind and its sure to be...

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MaraTani: Teen Bagrut Tutoring

October 25, 2009

Help Your Teenager Study For The Bagrut…And Contribute To The Community At The Same Time Today, a very special community program is starting for the 7th year in a row. The ICCC on Emek Refaim invites teenagers in 10th, 11th grade and 12th grade to come and participate in a wonderful Bagrut tutoring program after...

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Children’s Wooden Furniture

September 21, 2009

This year, help your toddlers feel welcome in the sukka with their own chairs, tables and benches made especially for their size. Across the street from the new Mamilla Hotel is a hidden Jerusalem gem. Avraham’s carpentry shop, also known as, Casurla Pornirma has been on Rechov Shlomo Hamelech for 40 years. Avraham also has ready made...

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Going Back To School & Keeping The Fun

August 22, 2009

Getting Kids To Want To Go Back To School After The Summer Break By Micki Lavin-Pell, M.S., M.A. Marriage and Family Therapist, Jerusalem If your child is in primary school, plan one fun activity with them every day. Make sure you tell your child about this activity in the morning just before going to school,...

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Where To Cool Off In Jerusalem? The Pool

July 1, 2009

The most popular question I receive from people about my aliyah is how do you handle the heat in the summer? The answer is simple “Jerusalem goes under water.” The social scene at the park moves to the local Jerusalem pools where kids spend their afternoons taking lessons, swimming with friends, snacking and then showering...

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