Beit Avi Chai


BEIT AVI CHAI, established by the AVI CHAI Foundation, is a cultural center in Jerusalem promoting events for families that celebrate Israeli-Jewish society.

Activities for Families
Beit Avi Chai produces high quality programming for kids and families including “Heroes of Israel” an interactive activity during Hanukka where families are welcomed to meet famous people from Jewish history, Model Sukka contest, special monthly plays for young children ” Moonlight Stories”, concerts and special holiday festivals.

The building is located on King George street and is the home to many plays, concerts and special events in the city. The building includes a 270-seat auditorium with a stage suitable for lectures, film screenings, and small-scale shows; eight rooms of various sizes equipped with state-of-the-art technology for the various lectures, workshops and activities; and a unique reading room that specializes in photography books about Israel and the Jewish people, as well as basic books on Judaism and Zionism.

Beit Avi Chai offers free indoor parking for their events making it easy for families to come and enjoy.

Contact Beit Avi Chai Ticket Office 02-621-5900

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FIJ Tips

Don't miss the great shows put on by Beit Avi Chai and the special Hanukka and Sukkot activities. Underground parking is free when you attend an event at BAC.


20 NIS – 30 NIS
Prices vary per show


Whole family



Venue: Beit Avi Chai

Address: King George 44
Neighborhood: Center of Town
Transportation: 71,72,74,75,77,17,4,32
Parking: Underground parking is free when you come to an event at BAC.
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