From Zion Comes Science – the New 2×200 Bicycle Exhibition

July 3, 2017
By: Joanna Shebson

The Bloomfield Science Museum always has interesting exhibits but this summer their 2×200 Bicycle Exhibition is filled with Israeli pride.

Opening at the beginning of July, this exhibition was the joint effort of 4 museums from Canada, Italy, Germany & Israel. The brainchild of Israel’s ambassador to Canada, Rafi Barak, this exhibition began as a collection of rare and antique bicycles. The museums worked together to create a story about the invention of the bicycle 200 years ago, how bicycles have effected society and how new technology (specifically Israeli) will change the bicycles of the future.

The Bloomfield Science Museum’s new focus on the importance of tinkering, making and hacking is displayed throughout the exhibition.

The exhibition begins with a special collection of “Flying Pigeons”, a well know bicycle used in the past in China and recreated especially for this exhibition. The total space is 600 sq meters inside and 850 sq meters outside in the “Legs On” interactive exhibit.

Special FUN Features of the Exhibition

  • 70km/hr wind tunnel simulator that teaches kids and adults aerodynamics. Hop of a simulated bicycle and learn about to hold your body in order to fight the wind and move forward on your bike. This simulator was designed by students in Azrieli School of Engineering in Jerusalem as their final graduation project, guided by Dr. Moshe Zilberman.

  • The story about the invention of the first bike when disease & hunger effected the local horses and they had to find an alternative form of transportation.
  • An incredible collection of bicycle wheels through the ages. From wood to rubber to cardboard.
  • Learn about brakes, gears, racing bikes and tires.
  • Reverse steering – Can you train your brain to do it?
  • See the Flying Cigar – an original Eduard Baumbauer bicycle built for a racer who would lie down as he rode.
  • NEW Bicycle Technology showcasing Israeli Company, Cardboard Technologies, who have created a ‘cardboard’ bicycle aiming to sell them to the customer’s for no more than $20, and the new Taga 2.0, a sensation on kickstarter. It is a bike, stroller and shopping cart all combined.
  • Understand how bicycles have effected poor areas in Africa, how they changed the way women dressed and gave them mobility, how bicycles became part of the world of art.
  • Hands on Workshops – School of Thieves will challenge you to brake the locks & Build a Spinner workshop.
  • Bike Cinema – an area to relax and watch various well known and also rare films about bicycles and cycling. Next to it there is another simulator called Ride around the World. An exhibit offering you to cycle in virtual trails in Jerusalem, Ottawa, Bremen and Naples.

The fun ends with a large outdoor (semi shaded) space where kids can hop on and off all types of bicycles including monocycles, square wheeled bikes and reverse steering. There is a special area for young riders ages 3-6.

The exhibition will run from July 2017 – May 3, 2018 and then it will begin to travel across the world. The overall message of the exhibition is that “Bicycles Influence Life, Society and the Urban Environment”.  Once you have seen it you will understand why.

Location: The exhibition is located on the top floor in the back of the museum and is handicap accessible.  There are steps and an elevator that take you to the Exhibition Hall.


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Exhibit Curators:
Prof Ido Bruno – Bezalel Academy of Art
Dr Amir Ben Shalom – Chief Exhibit Developer, Bloomfield Science Museum

Contributing Museums
Bloomfield Science Museum (Jerusalem), The Canada Science & Technology Museum (Ottawa), Universum Science Museum (Brenam, Germany), Citta Della Science Museum (Naples, Italy).

60 NIS per person
220 NIS per family

Monday – Thursday 10:00am-6:00pm, Friday 10:00am-2:00pm, Sat 10:00am-5:00pm

Still have questions? 

Contact the Bloomfield Science Museum


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