The Workshop Gush Etzion


Your family can experience an incredible woodworking workshop and walk away with handmade pieces of Judaica!

Step inside an actual Judaica workshop in the Gush Etzion area and learn how to design a piece, use the specialized tools and create your own beautiful piece of art.

The Workshop

In a bright, air-conditioned work space, you will have the opportunity to take the wood from its raw form and create it into a finished piece, using your hands and some of our machinery. You will learn all aspects of the process along the way, including cutting, sanding, filing, gluing and varnishing.

Do you know the story of the Lone Oak Tree on the road to Rosh Tzurim or the cherry wood found at the Cherry Festival each year? Using local woods with a story you will learn how the grain runs through your piece and enhances it.

Projects you can choose from:

A choice of our individual projects, for example, Honey dish for Rosh Hashana, salt dish for the Shabbat table, Sevivon, candles holders for Shabbat and Chanuka and more, or the option of our “Family Projects”, where each family member creates a part of a piece which are then connected together to make a piece to hang in your home that each individual knows he/she had an active part in making!

Who is “The Workshop Gush Etzion” for?

The sessions run for 2.5 hours and are suitable for everyone age 6 and up (we’ve had participants up to the age of 90 so far – and many ages in between, and the adults seem to enjoy it just as much as the kids).

Safety is paramount and all the participants will be issued with safety equipment as needed. Each participant will leave at the end of the session with a finished piece.

Bar and Bat Mitzva groups welcome.

Who runs “The Workshop Gush Etzion”?

The Workshop is run by a husband/wife team living in the beautiful hills of Gush Etzion, Israel. Inspired daily by the surroundings, Mandy and Jeremy Broder are always thinking of new and exciting ways to bring smiles to their client’s faces with personalized pieces of art.


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Book A Workshop




By reservation


230 shekel per person
with a minimum of 1,300 shekel to open a group

VIP sessions (3+ hours) are available at an additional cost, with the option of making more complex projects.


Ages 6+


English / Hebrew

Venue: The Workshop Gush Etzion

Address: Rosh Zurim, Israel
Neighborhood: Rosh Tzurim, Gush Etzion
Parking: Free parking