What to do on a RAINY Passover (Pesach)?

April 13, 2017
By: Joanna Shebson

So it may not be ideal to have rain on Pesach but there are still plenty of activities to do.

Look back at this post to find out updates about events & festivals. They will be posted here. 

  • Snappling on the Old City Walls & Tours – Tours will be adjusted to continue during rain and snappling will take place as long as there is no heavy rain. Snappling is amazing!!!
  • Ein Yael Festival – open
  • Moshav County Fair – open
  • Kif Tzuba Amusement Park – The park is open and when it rains only the indoor areas are open.

Here are some indoor or rainy day activities we recommend –

Zomet Family Experience – Learn about technology + Shabbat. How does a Shabbat Elevator work? How does the metal detector at the Kotel work? is there a Shabbat microphone? Thursday Chol Hamoed English Tours at 10am, 1pm, 4pm other days by appointment. zomet@funinjerusalem.com

Art Tours with Caron – Take a walk through Hutzot Hayotzer or Nachlaot and meet some of the local Jerusalem artists. Join a tour or plan your own. Contact Caron@funinjerusalem.com

Bowling in Mishor Adumim – Great place to go on the way to or from the Dead Sea or Eretz Bereshit. Bowling, arcade and Gymboree for toddlers.  goodlanes@funinjerusalem.com

Biblical Museum of Natural History – a unique museum in Beit Shemesh. Take a tour of the animal collection and learn about animals in the time of Tanach and in Jewish history. biblicalnaturalhistory@funinjerusalem.com

The BLOC – Rock Climbing for the whole family in the Center of Town. bloc@funinjerusalem.com

Dig for A Day – Happens rain or shine. Spend the day in a cave in Beit Guvrin excavating and searching for archeological finds.  dig@funinjerusalem.com

Desert Camping – Just because it is raining in Jerusalem doesn’t mean it is raining in the desert area near Maale Adumim. Spend the night out in tents with style. Clean white sheets and everything you need for a glamping experience. camping@funinjerusalem.com

Kakadu Family Experience – Spend a few hours in the Kakadu Art gallery and workshop as you learn to create your own piece of art. kakadu@funinjerusalem.com

LOL & POP – Hands on lollipop workshop. Kosher for Passover. Takes place in Ramat Gan or by appointment in Jerusalem. It is worth the drive! lolandpop@funinjerusalem.com

Puzzle Quest Escape Rooms – Escape the Nazir or Kabbalist’s Secret – two great games to choose from. Talpiot. Reservations required puzzlequest@funinjerusalem.com

Scavenger Hunts – grab an umbrella and enjoy roaming the alleyways of the Old City as you discover the past. Join a scavenger hunt or reserve your own private hunt. scavenger@funinjerusalem.com


Tour Adumim- The Adumim Region is full of hikes, factory tours, historical sites and more. Its also in the desert and can often be dry when it rains in Jerusalem. Contact Shelley to join one of her custom tours. adumim@funinjerusalem.com

The Workshop in Gush Etzion – Wood workshop for the whole family. theworkshop@funinjerusalem.com

Tzuba – Galita Chocolate Workshop (Kitniyot) Enjoy a hands on chocolate workshop indoors next to Kif Tzuba. tzuba@funinjerusalem.com

Yvel Jewelry Factory Tour (ages 12+) – Take a tour through one of Jerusalem’s most famous Jewelry factories. Selling their designs all around the world. Find out what Yvel has done for the Ethiopian community and see artists at work. Reservations are required. yvel@funinjerusalem.com

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Joanna is the Founder and FUN Expert at Fun In Jerusalem. What started out as a mommy blog has grown into a successful tourism website. Joanna is married with three kids and lives in Katamon, Jerusalem. She loves to inspire family fun in Jerusalem.

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