Pre School

Beit Avi Chai

Age: Whole family Language: Hebrew
Beit Avi Chai is one of Jerusalem's cultural centers and the producer of many high quality kids activities and plays.

Desert Camping Israel

Age: Whole Family Language: English, Hebrew
A "Desert Camping" experience at a ecological campsite overlooking the desert just outside Jerusalem. Great for families.

Dig For A Day

Age: Whole Family
Cave Tour: age 4+
Language: English, Hebrew
Hands on archaeological dig for families in the Beit Guvrin National Park in Israel

Ein Yael Living Museum

Age: Babies, Toddlers, School Age Language: Hebrew
Ein Yael Living Museum is a great place for a family outing during school vacation. Walk the ancient Roman Street and learn ancient crafts. Open year round by reservation.

Galita Chocolate Workshop

Age: Whole family Language: English, Hebrew
Enjoy a chocolate workshop for the whole family at Galita in Kibbutz Tzuba. Galita is a popular place for a birthday party or Bar / Bat Mitzva celebration.

Hidden Valley Jeep & Trekking Tours

Age: Whole Family Language: English, Hebrew
Jeeping and Trekking Tours for families throughout Israel. Whether you want to take a day tour of the Jerusalem Hills or a trip down to the Dead Sea or a full week of jeeping and touring - contact Nir.

Hike & Bike the Judean Hills

Age: Whole Family. Bikes for all ages & baby/toddler seats. Language: English, Hebrew
Plan a hiking or biking trip for your family in the historical & beautiful setting of Park Adullam, near Beit Shemesh.

Jerusalem Rappelling / Snappling

Age: 4+ (young kids snapple with the guide) Language: English, Hebrew
Rappelling also known as Snappling in Jerusalem is a great way to entertain your kids and teach them self confidence.

Jerusalem Ropes Course

Age: Pre school, School age, Teens and Adults Language: English, Hebrew
The Jerusalem Ropes Course is a great family activity or Bar/Bat Mitzva party idea. Kids love the challenge and it is a great self esteem builder.

Kakadu Art Workshop

Age: Whole Family Language: English, Hebrew
Kakadu Workshops are run by artist Reut Shahar and she welcomes you into her workshop and factory store to hear her story and take part in a hands on workshop. Host your Bat Mitzva in the Kakadu Gardens!

Kibbutz Tzuba Activities

Age: Pre School and School Age Language: English, Hebrew
Kibbutz Tzuba is a great family destination with hiking, chocolate workshops, Kif Tzuba and a Winery Tour. It is also a great place to host a Bar/Bat Mitzva event.

Kif Tzuba

Age: Whole Family Language: English, Hebrew
Kif Tzuba is an outdoor amusement park with rides and activities for all ages located in Kibbutz Tzuba.

Museum of Hebrew Music

Age: Whole Family Language: English, Hebrew
The Museum of Jewish Music located on Yoel Solomon in Kikar Hamusica is a great museum where you can learn about instruments from across the world. Don't miss the VR of music from the time of the Temple.

Sara Eichler Photography & Gift Cards

Age: Babies, Toddlers and Young Kids Language: English, Hebrew
Sara knows how to capture the personalities and excitement of kids in Jerusalem. Hire her to take professional photos of your kids with beautiful Jerusalem backdrops. Sara also sells unique gift cards and gifts using some of her beautiful landscape photography in Jerusalem.

Tower of David

Age: 4+ Language: English, Hebrew
The Tower of David is a landmark in Jerusalem's Old City and they have wonderful kids programs on school holidays.

Beit Guvrin Caves

Age: Whole Family Language: English, Hebrew
Beit Guvrin also known as Tel Maresha is a series of underground caves used for quarries, burial caves, and dovecotes.

Beit Yellin

Age: Whole Family Language: English, Hebrew
Beit Yellin is a newly restored house first built in the 1890is in Motsa. The museum tells the story of agriculture and development in the area around Motsa. It was the home of the Yellin family.

Bloomfield Science Museum

Age: Whole Family Language: English, Hebrew
The Bloomfield Science Museum is a great hands on museum for kids of all ages. Don't miss Dr Molecule when he performs on Saturdays and holidays.
Read More > Special Family Membership is available

Bowling in Jerusalem

Age: Whole Family Language: Hebrew
Lev Talpiot Mall in Talpiot has a great bowling alley with an arcade, toddler play area and bumper bowling.

Cinema City

Age: Whole Family Language: English, Hebrew
Cinema City is Jerusalem's luxury movie theater and a great place to eat and host a birthday party.

Ein Hemed National Park

Age: Whole Family Language: English, Hebrew
Ein Hemed is a a beautiful national park located just outside Jerusalem with streams, grassy areas and a kids playground.

First Station

Language: English, Hebrew
First Station - Tachana Rishona an outdoor mall in Jerusalem with restaurants and kids activities.

Gan Hapaamon

Age: Whole Family
Gan Hapaamon is one of Jerusalem's large parks with grass, climbing equipment, sports courts and a skate park.

Gush Etzion Tourism

Age: Whole Family Language: English, Hebrew
Activities for families and kids in Gush Etzion. Adventure, history and art just outside Jerusalem.

Hadar Mall

Age: Whole Family Language: Hebrew
Hadar Mall is located in Talpiot and has many kids clothing stores, kids events& an indoor play area.

Israel Museum

Age: Whole Family Language: English, Hebrew
Visit Jerusalem's most famous museum the Israel Museum and enjoy the Youth Wing, Shrine of the Book and special events.

Kad VeChomer

Age: Whole family Language: English, Hebrew
Kad VeChomer is a Paint Your Own Pottery Studio on Emek Refaim. It's a great place to express your artistic skills and have fun for all ages. Ask about their birthday party options.

Kotel Tunnel Tour

Age: Whole Family Language: English, Hebrew
Tour the Western Wall Tunnels and learn about the history of the hidden layers of the Wall.

Lev Talpiot Mall

Age: Activities for the whole family Language: Hebrew
The Lev Talpiot Mall has a bowling alley, Go Karting, Indoor Toddler Playarea and some great shops.

Malcha Mall

Age: Whole Family Language: English, Hebrew
Malcha Mall is one of Jerusalem's largest and oldest malls.

Mini Israel

Age: Whole family Language: English, Hebrew
Mini Israel is a great attraction to go to with the whole family. See a miniature version of the entire country with replicas of landmarks you will recognize.