Malcha Mall


Malcha Mall was Jerusalem’s first major mall. Located in Malcha near the technology park, Teddy Stadium and the Biblical Zoo. The mall has many great stores for adults and for kids, a monthly calendar of kids events (FREE), a small gymboree for babies & toddlers and lots of great restaurants.

FIJ Tips

The Malcha Mall just started to charge for parking which means its actually easier to find a spot.


9:30am-10:00 Sunday -Thursday
9:30am-3:00pm Friday

After Shabbat-11:00pm on Saturday


Free entrance to the mall


Whole Family


English / Hebrew


Caffit, Pizza Hut, Bakeries, Food Court etc...

Venue: Malcha Mall

Address: Derech Agudat Sport Beitar
Jerusalem, 96952 Israel
Neighborhood: Malcha
Transportation: Bus: 4,5,6,12,17,18,24,31,33
Parking: Paid Parking Lot