Historic Sites

    Dig For A Day

    Age: Whole Family
    Cave Tour: age 4+
    Language: English, Hebrew
    Hands on archaeological dig for families in the Beit Guvrin National Park in Israel

    Eretz Bereshit – Genesis Land

    Age: All ages
    Payment is from 4+
    Language: English, Hebrew
    Take a walk back into history and be hosted by Biblical characters. This is an ideal location for a themed Bar / Bat Mitzva.

    Herzl Museum

    Age: 8+ Language: English, Hebrew
    Learn the story of Theodore Herzl and how critical he was to Israel's history at the Herzl Museum

    Hike & Bike the Judean Hills

    Age: Whole Family. Bikes for all ages & baby/toddler seats. Language: English, Hebrew
    Plan a hiking or biking trip for your family in the historical & beautiful setting of Park Adullam, near Beit Shemesh.

    Tower of David

    Age: 4+ Language: English, Hebrew
    The Tower of David is a landmark in Jerusalem's Old City and they have wonderful kids programs on school holidays.

    Beit Guvrin Caves

    Age: Whole Family Language: English, Hebrew
    Beit Guvrin also known as Tel Maresha is a series of underground caves used for quarries, burial caves, and dovecotes.

    Beit Yellin

    Age: Whole Family Language: English, Hebrew
    Beit Yellin is a newly restored house first built in the 1890is in Motsa. The museum tells the story of agriculture and development in the area around Motsa. It was the home of the Yellin family.

    Davidson Archaeological Park

    Age: school age and teens Language: English, Hebrew
    This beautiful museum located at Dung gate, combines modern architecture and ancient ruins tells the history of Jerusalem in the 2nd Temple period.

    Generations Center

    Age: Ages 11+ Language: English, Hebrew
    The Generations Center is a multi media experience under the walls of the Kotel, Western Wall.

    Gush Etzion Tourism

    Age: Whole Family Language: English, Hebrew
    Activities for families and kids in Gush Etzion. Adventure, history and art just outside Jerusalem.

    Hurva Synagogue

    Age: Whole Family Language: English, Hebrew
    Take a private tour of the newly restored Hurva Synagogue in the center of the Jewish Quarter.

    Kotel Tunnel Tour

    Age: Whole Family Language: English, Hebrew
    Tour the Western Wall Tunnels and learn about the history of the hidden layers of the Wall.

    Levi Eshkol House

    Age: Whole Family Language: English, Hebrew
    Visit the home of Levi Eshkol in Jerusalem which was the first Prime Ministers Residence in Jerusalem.

    Temple Institute

    Age: 5+ Language: English, Hebrew
    Learn about the vessels used in the Beit Hamikdash at the Temple Institute in the Old City.