Eretz Bereshit – Genesis Land


Enjoy an ancient experience at Eretz Bereshit when you are greeted by Eliezer and brought into the tent of Avraham. Be a part of the Biblical story when you ride a camel to the tent and partake in some light refreshments from the couple known for their hospitality.

Visitors are given clothes to wear from Biblical times and have a chance to meet Biblical characters (not all characters are present each day). At the end of your visit make sure to pick up your camel license. Eretz Breishit is a 20 minute drive outside of Jerusalem near Maale Adumim.

Family Package: Camel Ride, Pita Baking & Hospitality

Parties & Meals: Eretz Breishit is a truly unique location for a Bar/Bat Mitzva or a wedding. They provide full catering services and a view you can’t find anywhere else. The Kashrut is Rabbanut Matte Binyamin. Special events can be catered with Rabbi Rubin’s hashgacha.

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FIJ Tips

This is a "must see" activity for families visiting Israel. It is a great way to connect to the land through it's history and stories.


Reservations are required
Sunday-Thursday: 8:00am – late
Friday: 9:00am-1:00pm
Saturday: Closed

Special arrangements are available for night visits


Family Package: 105 NIS per person
Zimmer Rates: 550 NIS per couple (including breakfast)
125 NIS each additional child


All ages
Payment is from 4+


English / Hebrew


Bake Pita. Full meals are available with advanced reservations

Venue: Eretz Breishit

Address: Alon 90618 Israel
Neighborhood: Kfar Adumim
Transportation: Taxi or By Car
Parking: Free parking lot

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