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March 21 @ 5:00 pm

YMCA Jerusalem

A Family Bach Concert- Circus

A Family Bach Concert- Circus

Enjoy the Jerusalem Bach Festival at a concert for the whole family! A serious classical concert turns into a circus because of… a sloppy stage worker. He confuses the scores, creates a mess while trying to help the ushers sit the audience in their sits, gets tangled in the electricity wires that are on the stage and the more he tries to help the more he interrupts. As the music starts things become even more complicated when he seems to have his own idea also on artistic issues. He feels the music is too dark for children and he offers his own music. When the players disagree he suggests to speak directly with Bach and ask him to write something more cheerful.


Children whose birthday on March 21st enter for free!


Whole Family



Venue: YMCA Jerusalem

Address: 26 King David St.
Neighborhood: Talbieh
Transportation: 7, 18, 34 ,71, 72 ,74,75,77,78,101,102,103,106,260,261
Parking: Paid parking lot and paid street parking