Ein Yael Camp


At the Ein Yael Camp, children learn about nature and their surroundings. Campers will plant herbs, and create musical instruments from natural materials. Camp activities include learning ancient crafts, baking pita on a bonfire, building mud houses and learning to make pottery. Children will harvest grapes and learn to use the wine press (in August only).

Children will have access to the petting zoo and learn to milk the animals and make cheese. They will also learn to weave wool into fabric and learn the skills required for archery. All of these activities take place in the outdoor living museum setting under the shade of the beautiful trees.

***Pre Pesach Camp at Ein Yael April 2-6, 2017***
A great way for your child to get a taste of what the Ein Yael camp has to offer.
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All activities will take place in small groups under the supervision of an experienced staff.

Contact Ein Yael Camp 02-645-1866

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The Ein Yael Summer camp is a great camp for kids who love nature, the outdoors and art. It is set in a beautiful area of the Jerusalem Hills and the staff are very professional. It is a very unique Jerusalem experience.


8:00am -3:00pm
Sunday – Thursday


Prices for 2017 TBA

1170 NIS (2016)


Age 5 - 11
Gan to 6th Grade




Pre Pesach Camp
April 2-6, 2017

Summer 2017
July 2-13
July 16-28
July 30 - Aug 10
Aug 13-24


The price includes kosher breakfast and lunch.

Venue: Ein Yael Camp

Address: Ein Ya'el
Neighborhood: Malcha
Transportation: 14, 31, 33
Parking: Free parking lot